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Event : Gideon Christmas Praise

기드온 크리스마스 찬양
Gideon best singers, Yerin and Reina, do you guys remember the songs we sang that night? I still have the copies of the songs, one of them was our favorite, "we are the reson" We were the reason that He gave His life, We were the reason that He suffered and died
Later I found out out this song is very old, almost 20 years old. but it sounded very new to me. Since the song was very old I couldn't find the note. So I asked Koh Eunae sister to create a note for guitar and practiced for a couples of weeks. At the night she played the keyboard and it was overwhelming and no other musical instruments need to be played. And we repeat, "we are the reason, we are the reason....."
Red Santa hat, a day before Friday, I stopped by dollar store and picked 5 for $5 bucks, pretty good deal, isn't it? It was a funny idea and looked cute. I got this idea one year ago when I was visiting Korea for Christmas. I went to Onnuri church for Christmas service and saw Onnuri praise team wear these hats and praise. They were pretty good. Actually it was awesome. And I wished we could have that kind of praise sometimes. My wish was a prayer and it didn't take more than a year to make the prayer come true.
The way I am coming home after all Gideon Friday schedule I was listening that music again and said "Thanks God, thanks God, and thanks....."